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Aren't you tired of being tired? Aren't you tired of being confused about how to take better care of yourself? Aren't you tired of being on a diet to get healthy?

The thing is, healthy is not a destination, it is a journey. It is how we live and make choices, how we play and how we work, It is how we rest and how we perform and thrive every day.

Unfortunately for many, health is more of an on-or-off kind of thing. But when we learn how to use food as a tool for our daily well-being and as our medicine for taking charge of our future health, we thrive.

When we learn how to use mindfulness in an active, engaged way, our choices change. When we learn to change our habits in a sustainable way, our life changes.

The Path for Life online health and wellness transformation course is built on the foundation of how thousands of client have created sustainable change over the past 15 years.

The course is designed to work the way change happens - one step at a time.

The evolution of human technology — beginning with our ability to control light and heat — has created a separation between life’s inherent rhythm and the way we live on a daily basis. Over time, technological advances have only increased our sense of independence and control.

This control, though, has a downside. Most of us go through our daily lives with a sense of lack: we are continually trying to keep up, catch up, or just hang on. We crave something we can’t even articulate, a sense of ease that would allow us to stop feeling like we’re always not enough, a chance to feel in sync with nature and the passage of time. But our core approach to life, guided by a culturally dominant “survival mode,” gets in our way.

Here, you will be learning how to find that sense of ease, how to tune into, and adopt, a more natural, comfortable rhythm and flow. The goal is for you to feel nourished, and to thrive — not only with respect to your physical health, but also with respect to your emotional and mental health; you overall daily well-being.


Every two weeks you learn new food-knowledge, get new exercises to grow your experience and mindfulness, and you get new habits to practice. Because health happens one habit at a time. You can go slower and enjoy the journey at your own pace, but you cannot speed up the process of change. We have to practice what we learn, that is how we create sustainable habits.

Rhythm & Thriving
Food Knowledge: Your body's natural rhythms and how they affect you
Mindfulness: How to get familiar with your daily patterns
Habit Shifting: How to create new habits and daily rhythms
Energy & Focus
Food Knowledge: Carbohydrates and why you need them
Mindfulness: Why your negative "self-talk" does not work
Habit Shifting: How to change your self-talk to empower you to thrive
Vitality & Willpower
Food Knowledge: Why green foods are “super choices”
Mindfulness: Why willpower usually fails us
Habit Shifting: How to move beyond self-control
Consistency & Momentum
Food Knowledge: Protein, fats, and how to choose
Mindfulness: How to get unstuck
Habit Shifting: How to create healthy boundaries
Substance & Balance
Food Knowledge: The power of root vegetables
Mindfulness: Food and memories
Habit Shifting: How to become comfortable with discomfort
Cravings & Desires
Food Knowledge: Comfort foods, cravings and food addictions
Mindfulness: Food and emotional eating
Habit Shifting: How to cope with emotions in healthy ways
Clean & Clear
Food Knowledge: Which foods cause inflammation and which are healing
Mindfulness: How to own your choices
Habit Shifting: How to get what you want and empower your life
Food & Mood
Food Knowledge: Balancing food choices
Mindfulness: Shifting the beliefs that block your path
Habit Shifting: How to think differently

Taking Charge
Food Knowledge: Food and how it affects your mood
Mindfulness: How to embrace your whole Self and face your fears
Habit Shifting: How to be your authentic, healthy Self
As an ex-fashion executive and a woman at high-risk for breast cancer, I knows firsthand the importance and challenges of living a healthy, balanced life in today’s busy world. We can perform and thrive better, -with nourishment. 
Teaches you how to cut through the mass of confusing nutrition information out there and makes basic truths tangible so you can start to know and practice your inherent wisdom about how to nourish yourself.
Mindfulness teaches you how to gain clarity and focus. How to be aware of your thoughts and emotions in order to recognize the patterns that keep you stuck and instead make choices that move you forward.
When you find out what makes you tick you can move forward with clear intentions and habits that add up to reaching your goals. Habits change one step at a time and that is how change is sustainable.
"This program is rich with both information and strategies... to negotiate an important life transformation"
"The program takes a unique approach to healthy eating; there is something for everyone"
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"Complex, intelligent,challenging material and yet the steps allow for "simple" absorption."
"This is the opposite of typical internet drivel... it is a highly original and well organized treatise of human being nourishment and self care."
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"I love that Path for Life is not an ordinary diet. It takes into consideration that each and every one of us have different lifestyles, bodies and needs."
"The integrated approach of Path For Life has me healthier, confident about how to listen to my body & follow through for positive result."
Even though time is the new currency, self-care is not where to save time. When we learn how to use food as a tool for our daily well-being and as our medicine for taking charge of our future health, we thrive. When we learn how to use mindfulness in an active, engaged way, our choices change and we take charge of our health. When we learn to change our habits in a sustainable way, we thrive and perform better, every day. So don't wait, because you are just losing time not thriving.
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