On a hot day

Cool down

-with some sparkling water and real fruit.

It beats having soda. You can cut up any fruit and add it to pure spring water or sparkling water. It is a nice and simple way to hydrate. And hydration is key on hot days.

When you are dehydrated you might find yourself craving something sweet, so adding some fruit to the water helps you beat both; the thirst and the sweet craving, – and still stay healthy and hydrated.

A little piece of fruit contains fructose and that helps you feel a little more balanced if you are getting confused or dizzy from the heat. Balancing the blood sugar level does not take much, but it is important, especially if you are already feeling out of it from dehydration and heat. A little sugar also helps you absorb the water faster when dehydrated, but choose a natural sweetness like the fruit instead of a Gatorade or soda; the artificial sweeteners and extreme sugars just get you more thirsty in the end, so avoid falling into that trap!