Love Matters

You don’t have to be a LoveBird to feel the love.

Valentine’s may be the day for lovebirds and romance but love always matters.

We all want it, we all look for it, we all hope for it. The problem is that we tend to believe it is something that has to happen to and for us, not something we create in our lives. Ok – Cupid’s arrow is based on the idea that love happens to us and if you Google “how does love happen?” there are 173,000,000 search results. But actually you are the co-creator of love in your life. If we slow down for a moment and remember that inherently we are love, then look no further because it is there within you.

In Buddhism the meditation for Loving Kindness is to cultivate compassion and the basis for our existence is Basic Goodness. We are love. Our conditioning and our mental training have disconnected us from that, but our hearts know that we are love. We might believe we need another person so we can find love, but it is already there inside of us. The more we can feel the love that we are, the more we can give and receive love and our loving relationships grow.

So start by making it a daily practice to be the kind of love that you want to have in your life.

Be the Self-care that makes you feel cared for.
Be the Self-nourishment that makes you feel nourished.
Be the Self-love that makes you feel loved.

In our relationship with Self, when shifting the focus to self-nourishment instead of self-blame we also shift to a more joyful existence. When we come into right relationship with our Self, our other relationships change too. And that is where love really thrives, in our relationship with others, but it is based in our relationship with Self, not because of the other.

Love is so much more than romance. Love is sharing and caring, love is learning, growing, showing up and being emotionally available. Love is to go the extra mile for someone else. Love is support. Love is to have someone else’s back when they need it most, love is to join them in their fight, on their journey in the discoveries and the experiences. Love is to listen, to hold, to keep, and to create space for each other too. Love is to want the best for yourself and for someone else as well. Please keep adding your own versions of what loving relationships are…

In my work with emotional eating the focus is how we can learn to love our Self because then we naturally practice self-nourishment and eat in a way that truly treats us right. I created the online program based on the work I do in my practice to help people learn to not only eat better but also to love themselves better. To face the inner critic and activate the inner coach, to shift from failing because of lack of will-power to thriving because of inner love-power.

So to celebrate love and its many versions, varieties, and possibilities I have created a new option for joining the online program; join with a friend. If you join with a friend you get two one-year program subscriptions, so you each have your own, for the price of 1 1/2.

Share some love, get some love, give some love.

Join for you or come for personal sessions with me.

Join the online program with a friend.

Give the gift of health.