Left-Over “Salad”

I love easy and fast food.

But it still needs to be healthy. So that means foods that are easy and fast to prepare, or left-overs.

You can make this either with some grilled salmon – or another piece of fish, or vegan with chickpeas and edamame means. The thing is – everything is optional and most things are possible.

These two versions are roasted (leftover) purple carrots, sautéed (leftover) string beans, boiled (leftover) fingerling potatoes, and then either chickpeas (canned) and edamame beans (7 min. boil) or grilled salmon (leftover or 15 min. in the oven). Something fresh is always nice – here I added cucumber. Finish off with freshly ground pepper and a sprinkle of sea-salt, olive oil and an appetite and you are ready to enjoy.

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Path for Life - Photo: Torkil Stavdal

Path for Life – Photo: Torkil Stavdal