Kale and Root Salad

A summer salad rich in taste and texture.

I have to admit I am not really much of a salad girl, so this is one of my favorites. What most consider a salad is lettuce, cucumber and tomato and it is just not enough food for me.

I tend to say if things will fly off my plate in the wind then it will not hold up in my body for long enough to keep me full and satisfied. A good salad that works as a meal, has to have a lot of fiber to give some texture, density and a lot of nutrients; the kale and the roots have that. And it has some savory and sweetness to it. I am a sucker for something sweet, but I don’t eat sweets, so roots help feed my sweet tooth.

Check out my video about how to make roots. 

The marinated kale (don’t eat it raw) and the mixed root recipes are already here on the blog. All you have to do is mix it up. Add some good fats and protein from olive oil and nuts. Here I used pistachios; they are tasty and high in antioxidants.


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