In balance

I say tomatoes, you say tomatoes

Yes right now we all want them… at least right now when they are in season because they are amazing. In our modern urban life, where we are shopping in supermarkets, we are disconnected from our food resources, the growing season and for that matter too… the farmer.

From a nourishment perspective, eating with the season is more balancing for the body, because we are in a natural balance with nature that way. For example, eating cooling foods when it is hot out and eating warming foods when it is cold out. It just makes sense right? Yet many think they eat healthy and choose to have a salad with cold tomatoes in the middle of winter and wonder why they don’t feel nourished and satisfied from their meals. -And end up wanting something sweet afterwards.

Balance and in season

What does being in balance actually mean? I get the question a lot; how much can I eat of this or that…? The question I ask instead is; WHY do you eat? Being in balance is about how we feel, not what we do. It does become how we feel based on what we do, sure, but we cannot rate being in balance by what we do.


“Balance is a state of being and it is constantly in motion.”


We make our choices based on a felt sense experience and though we might believe we are rational people, essentially we are emotional beings. In a good way!


Everything is interaction, everything is a relationship. And our food choices are no different. So for example, when I choose my tomatoes I look for taste because a watery tomato is just not doing it for me. I want the sweetness and the juiciness, which is something I only get when I buy local and in season. When foods have to travel far, they have not fully matured by the time they are picked, and with that the nutrients and the taste have not fully developed. That means not as yummy, or as nourishing. But there is something else about my choices.


“The choices we make is a decision about what we care about.”


I choose to support my local community and my local farmer instead of factory farming and “big food” companies. That is a personal choice and not one I can impose on others. For some it is just not possible or convenient, but I do invite you to at least wonder what it would be like to be mindful and consider the interaction you have with your Self when you make your food choices and choose in a way that have meaning to you and support you in a way that is more than just you filing your belly.

Nourishment is…

so much more than just what is on our plate – and is is also how we dress the plate. Our experience while we eat is part of our nourishment as well and why our emotional and social relationship with food is part of our WHY we eat. Eating is not just about taste, it is also the attitude we bring to the table, -no pun intended. Attitude is what colors and flavors our experiences and you can change your nourishment by being mindful of the attitude (or perspective) you bring with you to the table when you eat.


“Nourishment is an attitude of curiosity and mindfulness that brings about an intent of self-care.”


Are you sitting down thinking; “I should or should not be eating this.” “This is too much or not enough.” The stories we tell ourselves about what is right and wrong are not helpful when we eat, or in life for that matter. Interestingly enough, the relationship we have with food reflects the relationship we have with ourselves and the relationships we have in our lives.

To learn more about WHY you eat and why changing your relationship with food changes everything, join me for the online program or come see me for personal coaching sessions.

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Go sit

Now go set the table and sit down to enjoy. Treat yourself to a meal, spend some time bringing mindfulness to what you need to feel better, just for right now.

Tomatoes and edible flowers are from Burnett Farms in Bovina, NY and the nourishing plates were kindly provided by Stephanie Charlene

Path for Life - Photo: Torkil Stavdal

Path for Life – Photo: Torkil Stavdal