Healing the disconnect

Why mindfulness matters

How often do you find yourself lost, wondering what to eat or how to take better care of yourself? Thinking that the next diet or a newly found tiny seed from an ancient fruit from a far-away place, holds to cure for what is wrong with us. Or that someone out there knows what it is YOU need to feel better? Or maybe you think you are the only one struggling to stay on track, eat right and do all the things you are supposed to do everyday…

You are not alone

What is happing in our society today is that we are constantly connected to everything and everyone, but we find ourselves disconnected from ourselves. We are part of a global community, but we feel alone. We have so much information, but don’t know how to apply it to ourselves. We are at war with our bodies, thinking they should do better, feel better, perform better, yet we forget that we are the master, who is controlling our own care.

Get in touch

How do we find our way home? How do we live in a busy world, yet in connection with the resources that feed us? How do we reconnect with ourselves and find community in our connection with not only others, but also with our food and our self-care?

Everything is a relationship, whether we realize it or not. We interact, we choose, even when we are making mindless choices, that is a choice too. We might be in this world without seeing our impact and our responsibility, but that does not mean we are not part of the interaction.

When we can reconnect with ourselves, we will also see our interdependence and we can once again have gratitude and respect, not only for ourselves and our own bodies, but also for what feeds us, because essentially we all seek nourishment and we find it in our relationships.

Food is a relationship of nourishment.

Our relationship with food is not just our physical need for survival, it is also an emotional, social and ecological relationship that reflects all our human needs for connection, contribution, and even self-realization. When we can reconnect and bring mindfulness to how we feel, the choices we make and the impact of our interaction, we become part of the whole and we heal the disconnect.

We already have the wisdom to take better care of ourselves within, but we need to re-learn how to listen to our own bodies, because we have lost the connection.

Rather than focusing on yet another diet, when we focus on nourishment shifts happen and we change our relationship with food and with ourselves.

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