Green Smoothie Mini Meal

Green smoothies and juices are cleansing and detoxing.

Having a daily boost of greens is good for the intestinal tract and the bacteria balance that lives there; the more greens, the better the flora. The intestinal flora is essential for good health and it shows up on your skin too. The more vibrant you are on the inside the more vibrant you are on the outside.

Greens also help give your liver and energy levels a boost. Alkalizing and cleansing, green juices and smoothies are a nice health choice, and they help balance out a sweet craving too.


• a handful of kale (other greens to your liking are fine too)
• half an apple (for more apple taste – add the whole apple)
• 5 slices of cucumber
• ½ of an avocado
• a stalk of celery – optional (or half if you are not a celery lover)
• ½ cup water or more if you want it lighter / thinner – or ice-cubes if you want it cold
• a splash of lemon juice


Chop all ingredients into chunks and put everything in a blender all together, all at once. Press…
If it is too thick for your liking you can either add some ice-cubes or some water. Coconut water is an option as well. Either way, do remember to chew your smoothie for better absorption and digestion of the nutrients.

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