Grain Grain Grain

I admit it… I love grain.

Grain salads are so easy to make—almost too easy. As long as you have cooked the rice already, that is. A rice-cooker does help, but once you get it right in a pot on the stove, it is one of those stable foods to always have around. I personally use a donabe pot, which I love. Some version of rice or grain is always in there.


  • black Japonica rice (1 cup cooked per person)
  • pine nuts (1/4 cup per person)
  • olive oil (to your liking)
  • herbs (if you wish)
  • leafy greens like mesclun or arugula
  • an edible flower (optional)


Mix the grain, nuts, herbs, spices, and oil together first in a bowl.

Add it on top of the leafy greens

Top it off with the flower…if you want to

Sit down, breathe, chew, enjoy.



Donabe pot with grain mix.