Forward to a healthy 2016

Don’t make any resolutions!

I mean it. Resolutions set us up for disappointment. Not so much because of the dreams and hopes that are behind those resolutions, I am all for hope and dreams, but because of the simple nature of life. Resolutions are like goals, but they get wrapped around those hopes and dreams. We end up losing sight of why and what we are doing, because it becomes more about measuring up to the goals and doing it perfectly. Life is not perfect. I believe that we need something to steer towards. Resolutions have are static in nature, and we are organic beings, so we need something more fluid to keep us on the journey of life.

Instead, think mindfulness

Mindfulness is being right here. Mindfulness helps you actually eat, live, and do what your intentions, hopes, and dreams are all about. It is tangible and in the moment, it is how change happens, and it is how you keep making choices towards your hopes and dreams.

Neuroscience knows that the future is a hard concept for us to grasp. We tend to find it difficult (too vague) to connect with our future selves, because we project how we feel in the current moment into the future rather than playing ourselves forward into the new version of our “improved” self.

Since we as human beings are inherently looking for what is not working, the way we work with the future is projecting what might happen to us, which is how we get stressed and anxious. We can’t really create a body-felt relationship with our future healthy self, so instead that has to happen in the moment so our subconscious mind can shift and start acting accordingly–that is when we apply mindfulness.

Mindfulness is sort of magic

Something strange and magical happens when you apply mindfulness. Mindfulness is not about sitting still on a pillow saying OM. That is how you can practice mindfulness, by sitting still and practice coming back to just sitting. Mindfulness in action (daily life) is how you become one with your own being and take action, because your choices in the moment are within your grasp. You can relate directly to what is there and essentially that is how we make change happen. The example is when the food on your diet plan is not available, what choice do you then make? Do you decide consider what are the better choices based on what is available, letting go of what could, should, or would have been (if your preferred choices was available), or do you then just drop all your good intentions and stop being mindful of your hopes and dreams? Then, since it is not “working out” right now you simply just abandon “it”, which essentially means you. When we are too focused on the goal and our resolutions, we tend to make choices based on all or nothing instead of what is the better choice now.

Being mindful instead helps us feel empowered and active; it helps us feel in charge, because we act and react based on what is right there, which is essentially mastery. Mindfulness gives us the ability to master our habits, life and eating habits, which all adds up to your hopes and dreams about your future self. But it happens here and now, in every moment, in every choice.

Sure, it takes work

Magic does not mean it does not take work. Mindfulness is a practice. It is a commitment to your Self that you:

1. Keep letting go of the past, only learn the lessons from it – which is what adds up to wisdom.

2. Stop making up stories about the future and what might happen that you cannot control, because it is not here yet. That is how you get stuck in stress and anxiety, instead of making a choice that works now.

3. Make an effort to notice what is going on for you here and now. It is not always easy, because it takes self honesty. Once you get the hang of it, without judgement, you will feel much more engaged, active, and in constant movement to navigate what is right there in front of you. It is a much more direct relationship with your Self, and it is amazing!

Mindfulness for 2016

Mindfulness is how you can make nourishing choices that all add up to a healthier, happier, more vibrant you. It is how health, weight-loss, vitality, success…any of those dreams and hopes you have for you, will become your daily reality.

To get healthy for 2016 join me for your Path for Life with the online program or one-on-one coaching with me.