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Healthy is not a destination, it is a journey. It is how we live and make choices, how we play and how we work, It is how we rest and how we perform and thrive every day.

Unfortunately for many, health is more an on-or-off kind of thing. It tends to be about what we eat and if we don't stick to the diet, we might as well keep going... off track. When really what happens is just life. And life will always happen.
If we wait until we have the perfect conditions to start to practicing self-care and make change happen, we might just have to wait forever.

To get onto a healthy path there are some tough choices we have to make, yes. We have to get rid of cravings and learn why some foods get us stuck, don't work for us and what we can choose instead. We need to clean up our act so we can move forward and feel better. The problem with most diets and detox programs is that they live in a bubble and we don't. To do health differently we need to clean up our habits too. 

Cleaning up is a new start, a fresh beginning, and first step on the journey for a healthy nourished life.


When we hear of detoxing we think of it as something extreme, something intense, something that is going on for some time and then it is over. Well for some, or even many, that is indeed what detoxing is all about, but that is not healthy.

Cleaning up the Path for Life way is not extreme, but it can be deep, beautiful, and yes, challenging. Creating change is always challenging, because we love our comfort. Nothing wrong with that. This way of cleaning up your body and your habits is the beginning to doing health differently, because it teaches you how to keep going afterward.

​​​​​​​It is not just 27 days of clean eating, it is a beginning of new habits, healthier body and a change of mind.

Isn't it about time you get to know yourself better? 


"This program is rich with both information and strategies... to negotiate an important life transformation"
"The program takes a unique approach to healthy eating; there is something for everyone"
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"Complex, intelligent, challenging material and yet the steps allow for "simple" absorption."
"This is the opposite of typical internet drivel... it is a highly original and well organized treatise of human being nourishment and self care."
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"I love that Path for Life is not an ordinary diet. It takes into consideration that each and every one of us have different lifestyles, bodies and needs."
"The integrated approach of Path For Life has me healthier, confident about how to listen to my body & follow through for positive result."
Even though time is the new currency, self-care is not where to save time. When we learn how to use food as a tool for our daily well-being and as our medicine for taking charge of our future health, we thrive. When we learn how to use mindfulness in an active, engaged way, our choices change and we take charge of our health. When we learn to change our habits in a sustainable way, we thrive and perform better, every day. So don't wait, because you are just wasting time not thriving.
22 Videos in 3 steps where I will be guiding you through how to clean up your body, your health and your habits. 

​​​​​​​And I always integrate my 3 core principles for taking charge of our health: 

There are no tricks to changing the way you eat or getting healthy. To take charge of your health is to learn how food affects you, your body, your mood, your mind and your health, so you can be an educated eater for a healthier future.
Getting mindful about our habits and triggers is essential to changing habits. And we want to be mindful about how we feel and why we eat as well. That is how we move from just another diet, to life-style eating. 
It's quite simple really -- find out what makes YOU tick and you can mindfully make new choices that work for you and get you to your goal. One step at a time.

I met Jeanette in 2005 and to say that she changed my life is an understatement.  More important is the education and information she provides from her practice and programs—they keep me in touch with my body and enable me to take charge of my health and well-being. 

Over the years Jeanette’s programs have remained current and continue to grow in many directions.   I particularly look forward to meeting with her for my annual detox.  This is as important as the medical check-up with my primary care physician.  I always learn new things about my body and acquire new tools for nutrition and healthy eating. Her webinars are not only inspirational—they are packed with content equal to a personal consult.  No matter the vehicle, Jeanette’s approach always speaks to the individual client and her/his needs.

As I turn 75, Jeanette’s guidance and knowledge continue to plays a major role in maintaining my excellent health.  With her help I know I can continue to nourish and care for my body through healthy food sources versus prescription drugs.  The fact that I have not had any illness or even a common cold since working with her confirms me in my view that the Path For Life Program is working and sustainable and that I’m fortunate to know and work with Jeanette.